Friday, July 24, 2009

More stimulus?????

Okay, so after reading this article, courtesy of the Globe and Mail, I have to ask...

Does Mr. Ignatieff even know WHAT he wants any more? Seriously.

He and his party are the same people who pushed the Conservatives into spending a bunch of money on "stimulus" projects. Thankfully the Conservatives went the true stimulus route and only spent on infrastructure and not long term program expansions. Too bad they didn't just do billions in tax cuts instead, but that's a different thought altogether.

Then they started decrying the horribly large deficits that the country was racking up due to the stimulus spending being done in May and June.

NOW he's saying that there should be MORE stimulus spending to be done? Newsflash Mr. Ignatieff: Bank of Canada says that the "recession" is over. I don't know if you realize what that means, but for the normal person who's actually paid tax in this country for the last 3 decades or so, that usually means that you turn off the taps and STOP SPENDING OUR MONEY.

Just a thought. Perhaps you should fire your strategists while you're at it. Apparently they have no clue.

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