Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Newsflash, Tories aren't funding another Gay and Lesbian Festival

Okay, so that may seem like a no brainer. Of COURSE the Tories aren't funding a Gay and Lesbian festival in Montreal. They don't like any of those kind of people, right? RIGHT????

Or at least, so this article attempts to insinuate. So the question is, is there maybe another reason why they won't fund this particular Quebec based festival? Anyone? Anyone?

When you look deeper into the issue, we go straight to the Canadian Tourism Industry website - the government website which shows who has received funding under the same program this festival applied.

Quick addition says that there are approximately $27,500,000 in funding currently allocated on this 24 month, $100,000,000 program. Of this 27.5 million allocated, approximately 11.150 million has been allocated to festivals in Quebec. That's something like 40% OF THE ALLOCATED FUNDING IS ALREADY GOING TO QUEBEC.

Now, knowing that there will never be enough funding to go around for something like this, is it really surprising that additional Quebec festivals aren't being funded? Is it surprising that the government would hold off funding more festivals in Quebec to ensure that there is proportional funding for other festivals or projects in other provinces?

Perhaps the Conservatives aren't so anti-gay after all.

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