Saturday, August 1, 2009

Calling John Galt - Chavez limits free speech

After reading this news story, I have a couple of questions in my mind...

The first question is, "Who does Hugo think he's kidding?"

The second question is "Does a government count as a media owner if it broadcasts, or fails to broadcast, all the facts in a case?"

To the first question, I think Hugo knows exactly what he's doing, and I think that by controlling the media in his country, he'll be able to control the message, given that Venezuela isn't exactly the most advanced in the spread of internet access at 24.5% of their population compared to 84.3% of Canada's population with access and 72.5% in the United States. In that country, they who controls the airwaves controls the message.

To the second question, I would hope that the government counts, but the problem is finding an independent prosecutor and judge who would be willing to try the case. Not something that would happen in that country.

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