Monday, November 23, 2009

RE: Define Failure

Honestly… Why do I have to hear every news break that Mr. Lingenfelter thinks he needs 2 more weeks (8 more Legislature days) when it’s not even important enough to be a news story on their website?

Further to that… Why, when “Link” has known for months already that potash revenues are off, and when the government really didn’t make any change to their budget measures for the year, does he need another 2 weeks to “study” it.

Perhaps Link should propose what HE thinks is a solution. Is it that the Wall gov’t spent too much? If so, then where would he like cuts? Should we have forgone federal stimulus matching dollars when every other jurisdiction in North America was getting on the band wagon just to avoid spending? Maybe we should cut the number of nurses and lay off all the nice Fillipinos that we imported. Perhaps we should delay the retention tax cuts, or cut funding to universities.

Long story short, Link is more likely to waste the extra time hammering away at the gov’t and offering no real alternatives. Why should he get the extra time? Maybe he wants his mud to stick before the economy recovers early next year and the final results for fiscal 09/10 come in better than what they look like now.

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