Monday, February 22, 2010

Sorry Thomas...

I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to paraphrase a common refrain heard often from the sceptics:

I will take Climate Change seriously when those who are advocating the position start acting like it is serious.
Now let's start with yourself and Mr. Gore, buddy boy. Both of you have large mansions. Both houses use a multiple of the average person's utility bill to heat and light these houses, and that multiple is greater than 5. Does it bother you that Mr. Bush's house is more green, energy efficient than yours is, despite his being pilloried for being a buffoon?

How about Copenhagen/Poland/Bali/Nairobi (am I missing any over the last few years?) First off, I'd like to ask, why do these conferences need 20,000 people at them when all there should be are the heads of government of the world's countries? Isn't it a little environmentally unfriendly to fly to a warm climate in order to lobby/protest said government heads? Tell you what. Next climate change meeting, I want you guys to all gather at Alert, Nunavat, Canada for the next conference in December. I'm sure that the locals would be happy to put up temporary shelters and serve you their food just to get some attention paid to them. I guarantee that you won't care about Climate Change after you get out. Perhaps the following year, you can set up in Antarctica during August, and get a first hand look at how much melting takes place in those temperatures.

What I'm saying, Mr. Friedman, is that not all climate change will be bad, and not much more than a smidge of it is anthropogenic. The day you and your "true believers" understand this the better off we'll all be.

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