Monday, February 15, 2010

Station 20 West raises money

CBC News - Saskatchewan - Core development project receives citywide support

When reading the above article, I have to admit that the writing almost had me shouting at my computer screen. We won't get into the root causes of poverty, I've already done a post like that this week. What I will get into is the sneering attitude of the author of the article.

The dream of a grocery store for Saskatoon's core neighbourhoods has moved one step closer to reality, despite the lack of provincial support.

Organizers said a fundraising concert featuring local artists last weekend raised $53,000 for Station 20 West, which, according to its website, is a proposed 29,000-square-foot service centre that will include Good Food Junction, a locally owned food co-operative.

It would be located on 20th Street West between Avenues K and L, a location accessible to residents of five core neighbourhoods: Riversdale, King George, Pleasant Hill, Caswell Hill and Westmount.

Though the money raised is but a fraction of the $6 million needed to complete the project, the money the event raised was more than expected.

"We probably netted around $15,000 after our expenses for ticket sales," said Brenda Baker, the event organizer. "And then the rest of that is all donations that came in that evening thanks to the generosity of people in the audience."

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