Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yes Danny, It WAS your choice

Yes, Danny, it IS your choice.

But to be frank, you have just gone against what you very publicly said in the past about health care. THAT is why people are upset about your decision. If this were a European country with a mix of public and private options and no wait lists, nobody would have cared about the decision that you made.

But the problem is, Danny, that you publicly advocated for a public only option, not only in your province, but for the whole country, only to jump ship the first time that public only option didn't give you what you wanted.

Don't get me wrong, Danny. I support a system with more competition. A system where I can choose the doctor or hospital that gets my money based on their level of service and competency. I support a health care system where I CAN pay someone in my own country to get diagnostics done quickly. I support a health care system where people suffering debilitating pain are not forced to suffer for years at a time. In short Danny, I would do exactly the same thing as you would do if I developed health problems, and quite frankly, I don't have the same amount of resources that you do to do so.

But the difference is Danny, that I have never publicly advocated for a public only, one-tier health care system. I know that there are problems in our current system... problems that are simple to fix if only we were allowed. But we aren't allowed, and you're one of the reasons why we aren't allowed.

THAT is why you are getting flak from your decision. I hope you live a long and healthy life from it.

Apparently his choice also comes out of our pockets. So much for single tiered health care.

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