Friday, April 9, 2010

FNUC lays off workers

CBC News - Saskatchewan - FNUC lays off workers

Amazing - 13 paragraphs and not a word about the true reason why these staff members are being laid off.

So just to be clear, let's review the case.

So the true reason why these lay offs are happening is that the university was completely mismanaged for years, and when held accountable for that mismanagement, they protested the punishment rather than stepping up and trying to help out.

Here's the thing, and there's no way to get around it. The former Board of FNUC was largely composed of chiefs and other aboriginal dignitaries appointed through FSIN. When the governments pulled funding, these were the first people to go. There was protesting, there was complaining, there were cries of racism and pleas to reconsider that would tug at the most ardent lefty's heart. But in that whole progression of the story, there was one thing that was missing.

FSIN never once stepped up to attempt to replace the funding from its own coffers. Not once did FSIN attempt to ensure that students would be able to complete their school years. Not once has FSIN made any visible attempt to save these jobs, outside of using every trick in the book to shame governments into restoring the funding without any changes on their part.

And quite frankly, that's all you need to know about FSIN and their regard for their people's right to education.

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