Saturday, April 10, 2010

The sordid saga of Guergis and Jaffer

I was going to write a few comments this morning about Helena Guergis and the fact that the media seems to be going out of their way to damage a junior cabinet minister who really has no power in the government. I was also going to write some comments about how really all she had done is throw a tantrum when she was in the wrong and employ a staffer who writes glowing letters to the local newspapers under an alias.

That was before Ms. Guergis resigned from cabinet and was banished from the Conservative caucus.

Do I think that it was unfair to associate her husband's actions with her in order to make her look that much worse? Yup. Is it really anybody's business how her house was purchased, considering it was a branch loan officer in Edmonton that approved the mortgage terms and not the corporate office? Nope. Did Ms. Guergis and her husband have a better Privacy complaint than Mr. Fife and Ms. Taber had an ethics complaint in that matter? Yup.

Do I think that she deserved to be out of cabinet because of some of the things that she did? Yup, and so she's now gone.

I think that it should go without saying that if the PMO drops a colleague from cabinet and caucus and further initiates a conflict of interest, ethics, and RCMP investigation into her actions and those of her husband, then they are officially on the outs with the party. May the story end here.

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