Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is this what my tax dollars should go to?

Couple lobbies for in-vitro fertilization health coverage

So, let's review the facts of the case.

Man and woman marry young and start trying to have children young. They try for 11 years, during which time they are each diagnosed as being infertile. Now, I may not be a rocket scientist here, but when 2 halves of a couple are each diagnosed as infertile, something tells me that this is nature's way of saying that they shouldn't reproduce.

I'm going to clear the air here and state categorically, that I have no issues with reproductive science. I am mildly pro-life in so far as I can imagine very few circumstances where I would support an abortion for someone close to me.

This really has nothing to do with science though. This is a couple wanting to reproduce without paying for it themselves. Now, I feel for this couple, I really do. I can't imagine the stress that they are under in trying to reproduce themselves when it clearly isn't working. That being said, I know that there are hundreds and thousands of orphans in Canada who would really like a home, perhaps instead of forcing the government to pay for an expensive treatment so that you can have your own, you could take a few of those kids off the government's hands.

Oh, and one more thing? A province with billion dollar deficits that takes more than half of all equalization payments paid out by the federal government probably shouldn't be a government you point to for best practices. Just sayin'.

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