Monday, April 19, 2010

A response to Lori Johb

Little to boast about

Dear Lori,

Thank you for your letter to the Star Phoenix listing the negatives of this have province that you have pointed out. While reading your letter, I noted that you missed a few haves. Let me elaborate:

You have the right to speak your mind about the government.

You have the right to force your union to actually NEGOTIATE the contract you are obviously despairing over rather than complaining about bills that were passed 2 years ago.

You have the fortunate position of living in a province which was virtually unaffected by the recent recession.

If you prefer, you have the ability to contact your brethren in other provinces who are settling for much much less than what your recent offer from SAHO contained.

Finally, you have the right to seek employment in another province or country if you don't like it where you are. Good luck finding employment though, I hear that not many others were as lucky as we were throughout this recession.

h/t NDP Watch


  1. I stopped clapping ecstatically when I realized that my hands had been reduced to bloody stumps.

    Good post.