Sunday, April 11, 2010

A western pick for Rideau Hall

A western pick for Rideau Hall

In reading the article, I noted something - that the Times Colonist only picked former premiers and Prime Ministers from BC.

A simple wikipedia search revealed a few people who would do just as well of a job without the idealogy of recent partisan politics to get in the way. That said, if the person had to be from BC, here would be my candidates:

Garde Gardom. A recent Lieutenant Governor of BC, Mr. Gardom has been a Liberal and a Social Credit politician in British Columbia. This puts him somewhere in the centre of the spectrum politically. The fact that he has been a Lieutenant Governor means that he knows and understands what is expected of him in the position. His only drawback is that at age 85, he may not last out the 5 year term of office.

David Lam. Also a former Lieutenant Governor of BC, Mr. Lam has led a non-political life of business and philanthropy. Nominated to the position by Brian Mulroney, he served the position until 1995. His only drawback would seem to be his age - at 86, he also may not last out his term.

Jim Pattison. While he was born in Saskatchewan (and really, how many British Columbians weren't born in Saskatchewan), hopefully this wouldn't be held against him. A member of the Forbes list, and one of the richest people in the country, hopefully this too wouldn't be held against him. During a nonpolitical life where he has worked hard, he also has done some philanthropic acts, including heading Expo '86 in Vancouver, and donating 6 figures to the CBC so that Vancouver Canucks away games in the 2009 playoffs could be broadcast in HD. His only real drawback seems to be his age, however being younger than the previous 2 candidates, this may be a strength.

In short, here are 3 people who hail from British Columbia who would seem to be amply qualified for the job. Perhaps instead of recycling current and recent politicians, it would be in the country's best interest to choose a candidate not for their looks or their party affiliation, but for their ability to do the job.

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