Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Edmonton lawyers battle on Khadr's behalf

Edmonton lawyers battle on Khadr's behalf

While I'm sure that it is admirable that these people are wasting all of their time trying to get the Canadian definition of a "fair trial" in an American military tribunal, one of the things that jumps out at me is that these people assume that Mr. Khadr is a regular Canadian citizen like you or I. That being the assumption, let's go down the facts of the case:

  • Mr. Khadr grew up in a family where he was taught to hate Western Civiliation.
  • Mr. Khadr grew up in a family where their Canadian citizenship was a ticket to free medical care.
  • Mr. Khadr was taught to fight through guerrilla and terror tactics.
  • Mr. Khadr grew up in a culture where children grow up much faster than the normal "sit in my parent's basement playing video games until I'm 30" culture.
  • Mr. Khadr was caught on a battlefield in Afghanistan where his father was shot fighting against allies of Canada.
What it comes down to is that Mr. Khadr is playing many in the media for fools. To be quite frank, if they really want Mr. Khadr out of Guantanamo and out of American custody, I humbly suggest that he be implanted with a locator chip (c'mon folks, you don't think the technology is out there?), put on a Canadian military uniform, walk beside a regular patrol LAV in Afghanistan for 2 full years, and get to know not only the soldiers his dad pledged and taught him to kill, but also to know the damage that his brethren will do to ANYONE wearing the wrong uniform.

If he does that, then I would happily welcome him as a loyal Canadian and call for his "repatriation". If he doesn't want to do that, well, then there are always a few other options:

1. Hans Island
2. Return him to the exact condition he was found on a battlefield in Afghanistan (properly chipped, of course).
3. Let him rot in Cuba.

The option is his.

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