Thursday, May 27, 2010

Justice Employee Still Has Job After Breach

Justice Employee Still Has Job After Breach | News Talk 650 CKOM

I wasn't affected by this, but in a way, we're all affected by this story.

The reason is that someone who violated the confidentiality of her position, not to mention the privacy of the individuals targeted by the union is still in a position to possibly benefit from that breach in the future.

Because honestly, what are the odds that such a breach will affect her career options at the department? What are the odds that she doesn't just transfer out of the department to another one where her record will be clean and she'll have access to the same information again? If that wasn't the case, why would you possibly hang around a job where you had absolutely no hope of advancement.

To be quite frank, there should have been an eye for an eye in this case - she violated the privacy of 25 people, so therefore she should be subjected to a similar breach in the release of the details of her and her punishment. It is only fair after all.

And for the record, I sincerely hope that if lawyers come knockin' at the Ministry of Justice, that THEY can get the information they need to successfully sue her. That should be the least of her woes.

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