Thursday, May 20, 2010

Los Angeles proves why boycotts don't work

Los Angeles proves why boycotts don't generally work.

It all comes down to the choices that are made.

For example, if Los Angeles TRULY believes that a boycott would be appropriate against Arizona, I suggest that they should be willing to boycott ALL products, and not just the ones that are visibly products from Arizona. It's not enough that you boycott the easy stuff, you have to boycott the hard stuff if you really want it to work.

Of course, that's the point though. They don't really expect or want it to work. They're just creating a politically correct show that punishes a state for making it legal for officers to check your papers if he suspects that you are an illegal immigrant. I wonder how big the uproar will be when someone actually gets escorted out of the country because of this bill. I suggest that they escort the "illegal" to Los Angeles instead.

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