Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A new perspective on banning the Burqa

Now realistically, I can understand the call to ban the burqa, but it all comes down to a respect for values.

Admittedly, my objection to the burqa comes out of incidents where the people wearing the burqa refuses to compromise when it is in their best interests. And then takes the other party to the Human Rights Commission because they refused to compromise.

This is the other perspective

Now what it all comes down to is respect. But respect has to be on both sides of the board. I agree with the author that it is disrespectful to force someone to change their cultural practices for you, but it is also disrespectful for them to force you to accept their point of view when it is no better. It is downright disrespectful to use the force of law to settle the point regardless of which side you're on.

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