Thursday, May 20, 2010

One more time...

Blazing Cat Fur: Graves/Ekos - CBC says... We're not biased you ignorant peasants....

Someone explain to me again why a Government funded television network has ANY involvement in political reporting?

I don't care how careful they are, they are always going to be suspect of either going too far to "hold the government to account" and prove that they aren't biased, or go not far enough to ensure that the government tap never gets turned off.


  1. It's my understanding the CBC News Network does not actually receive any public funds unlike the CBC's main television network. It's kind of a lack luster policy though because as well, to my understanding, the news side, while being forbidden from drawing funds from the main network's public allotment, may use reporters and production facilities...that kind of thing.

    That being said, state funded television is a ridiculous notion to begin with. I'm a big fan of paying for television that I want to pay for and not so big a fan of paying for television that other people enjoy but want me to pay for so they can enjoy it.

  2. Regardless, the CBC still needs to pay the bills, and by far the brunt of the funding comes from the taxpayer.

    We agree on the ridiculousness of a state funded broadcaster however.

  3. Well at the very least, this type of discussion should be kept honest and there is very often little or no mention in debates about news bias and the CBC as to the news arm being almost entirely dependant on monies raised by commercial advertising.

    At the very least, we're not as bad off as the Brits I suppose. They fork over over about $8 Billion in licensing fees to the BBC every year whereas in Canada, our approx' $1.5 Billion seems like a comparably dull roar.