Sunday, May 16, 2010

A tale of two universities

William Watson: Make the MBAs pay

Not to mention the evil effects of those nasty conservative policies.

It's a simple concept to understand - yes, society benefits from a higher level of education, but depending on the field of study, the individual will always benefit more from that higher level of education. Studies show that post-secondary educated people earn much more than high school educated people, which means that post-secondary education, more often than not is an investment and not a cost.

Not necessarily in all situations, but most.

So from that perspective, I would wish that McGill should be allowed to charge for an MBA what it is actually worth - if it can`t then the value of the MBA becomes much lower, and the ability of the university to run an MBA program in the first place becomes much smaller. If the latter becomes the case, then what happened at the U of S becomes a reality. I hope the Bureaucrats learn this simple little lesson.

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