Friday, May 21, 2010

Truth or fiction on Bill 80

Broken promises paved Bill 80 path

The op-ed by Mr. Parker is interesting. It also presumes one side of the story. In the interest of fairness, let's look at another bit of information from an independent business publication that answers all of the different myths surrounding Bill 80.

Percy on Business article

Now with all due respect to all the union operatives and trade councils, OF COURSE they want to maintain the status quo, just like they want to ensure that Health care workers don't finish their negotiations before the next provincial election. It's called making the province ungovernable, and it's something that these people try to do every time there is the "wrong flavour" of government at the helm.

What I find interesting though, is that while Mr. Hubich and the SFL seek to abolish all business people (you know, the people that actually KNOW how to manage things properly), the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce actually acknowledges that unions have a place and that growing Saskatchewan - through creating an environment to grow business - will only help unions, not hurt them.

Oh, and Mr. Parker? It's pretty disingenuous to claim that Mr. Wall lied when Bill 80 is a direct result of things that happened since their election to government.

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