Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let the bigotted mullah speak

Jonathan Kay: Let the Mullah speak

Okay, you know what? I truncated the title a little bit, for no other reason than political correctness... that and, well, the original is a little gratuitous.

But Mr. Kay makes a very valid point, and one worth repeating:

In other words, he’s more or less a one-man exhibit for all that is wrong and retrograde about fundamentalist Islam — which is exactly why he should be allowed into this country.
Now let's be clear here - just because this guy is a ignorant bigot, it doesn't mean that all adherents to Islam are the same. Of course, the fact that this man is being invited to speak at a "moderate" conference is another story.

That not-withstanding he should be allowed in the country not to be allowed to speak to his intended audience, but to the others in the country who NEED to hear what he has to say, whether they like it or not. Just like there are some who need to hear what George Galloway or Anne Coulter have to say. This isn't necessarily about free speech, it's about making sure that the marginalized opinions reinforce WHY they are a marginalized opinion.

Just as long as they aren't doing anything illegal like, I don't know, fundraising for a group listed as a terrorist organization in most Western Democracy.

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  1. I saw Justin Trottier on the Michael Coren show today. He crushed this issue.