Wednesday, June 30, 2010

North Korea Claims $65 Trillion From US As War Compensation

Dream a little dream, dream dream dream

Just a note to Mr. Kim...

When one continues a stalemate for 60 years or so, one cannot then claim damages from one's opponent who helped continue said stalemate.

To be clear: The US rebuilt Japan and Germany - but only after they surrendered, and even then, total aid from the United States only amounted to current day dollars of $1.3 Trillion. The minute that you're willing to surrender and reunify Korea under Seoul, I'm sure that the US will be happy to lend your country some money to rebuild it, but I suspect that what would ACTUALLY happen is that your loyal subjects will happily take capital from South Korea and rebuild the North themselves. I would also point to your (former?) allies, Russia and China and question why they haven't helped you build your country.

Oh, that's right, they look at you as a loon too. So yeah, back to the original message Mr Kim.

Dream a little dream. Dream, dream, dream.


  1. Haha, 'The Dear Leader' is a typical communist, always wanting something for nothing!

  2. Kim Jong Il is lucky the rest of the world doesn't get fed up with him and land a missile or two on his front doorstep.

    By the by, were you aware that the South Koreans sunk their own warship in a false flag attack?

    Betcha didn't. ;)

  3. Sadly, that wasn't reported in the media...

    Then again, how can I believe a report that stated:

    Hatoyama's decision has resulted in a split in the ruling center-left coalition government, a development welcome in Washington, with Mizuho Fukushima, the Social Democratic Party leader threatening to bolt the coalition over the Okinawa reversal.

    I'm sorry, but I hardly believe that a social democratic POTUS would be happy about that.