Friday, June 25, 2010

Norway decries illegitimate G20

Just a note to Norway as they "decry an illegitimate G20":

What have they really done of significance in the world? What has Norway really done to push itself onto the world stage? What has Norway done to lead on the world stage?

It may be one of the richest countries in the world in terms of total wealth. It may have one of the largest fleets in the world, but really, what has it done of consequence? They were neutralish in the First World War (pressured into providing Merchant Navy to the British). It was neutral in the Second World War until the Germans rolled them, after which they provided troops to the German army. There are no examples of Norway taking an interest in the outside world. There are no examples of the Norwegians taking the lead in any areas of foreign affairs.

"But Dude", you might say, "they only have 4 million people, cut them some slack". I can't really do that though, especially when they are complaining that they aren't part of the G20. And realistically, there are some good points to including them in stuff like that, except that they, despite their wealth, don't have a large economy. They aren't game changers. If Norway opted out of something, or boycotted something, few people would notice. Mr. McParland uses the example that California should be included at a G20 summit before Norway, but I have a better one - if Norway were to be included in a G20 summit, then ALBERTA as a province should also be included.

In the end, they are absolutely right that the G20 are a group of self-appointed leaders... except that's EXACTLY what they are and purport to be. Look around in your community, I guarantee there are 10-20 movers and shakers who look around and think that they can make a difference. It's those 10-20 people who put their hands into everything, and more often than not, will band themselves together to make a difference in their communities. So too on the world stage. These 8 or 20 leaders are leaders that have looked around and decided that they can have an effect on the world stage, and they are acting upon it.

One need only look at the UN to realize how dysfunctional a body can be when EVERYONE, from the largest player in the world to the smallest 2 bit island has a seat and a voice. The fact that Norway is decrying the G20 sounds more like sour grapes for not being included than it does a valid point about the effectiveness of getting the 20 strongest voices in a room to act on certain situations in concert. Perhaps they should expand it to the G41 so that Norway can be included too.

After all, fair is fair.

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