Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Personally, I'd prefer "Fastest since 1931"

CBC News - Saskatchewan - Sask population growth fastest since '72

Of course, the first mention I heard of this new number was on Newstalk, and the legislative reporter, Sarah Mills, wondering where all these people are going to live.

Well, I have your answer for you Sarah. Here it is... ready for it?

They will build it as they come.

Just like they did 80 years ago when the last large increases in population happened. They got a piece of land, and they put their back into it. Of course, nowadays, you assume that an immigrant will want to purchase a home as soon as they get here (as I assume that's what you wanted to do when you arrived not that long ago), but I would assume that most immigrants are realists in that they know that they will be renting for a while in order to get their paperwork in order for a major purchase. Until then, they will happily work and pay taxes, have kids and make a life much better than what they had in their previous home.

And to all of those new immigrants, and the thousands more who will come behind them? Welcome. Glad to see you.

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  1. It's nice to have government policies that will attract hard-working immigrants, and convince those who aren't prepared to work to stay where they are, or go elsewhere.

    I hear Quebec is nice this time of year.