Monday, June 28, 2010

Why everyone else wants to be Canadian

Forget about all the riots. Forget about the idiots "protesting" what is in essence a meeting of the leaders of the most active countries in the world. What it comes down to is that love it or hate it, Canada, and the apparently uncool Mr. Harper, got everything it wanted at the G8/G20 summits this weekend... other than peaceful protesters.

To all those who want Canada to be a leader on the world stage? This is it. Hope you like it.


  1. Haha, it makes all of these ridiculous protests seem, well rather ridiculous, eh?

  2. You betcha.

    Especially considering the damage barely rated a blip on the international news scene.

  3. Yup. Not to mention the global ascension of the governor of the Bank of Canada.

    If Canada's really a laughing stock on the global stage, as some insist, I'd say we could do with more of it.

  4. We could do with more of it.

    Funny that the only thing that Mr. Martin could really criticize was that Mr. Harper wasn't with the "cool" kids, but it does show the direction Mr. Harper is heading.