Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yet another "Human Right" created

After reading this newspaper article, I just have one real question - what "human right" was being violated this time?

It's obvious from the article that the "illegal acts" cited by Mr. Richardson weren't actually illegal acts. If they were, then they would have been prosecuted as soon as the complaint was brought forward. Instead of bringing those complaints forward to the proper authorities, they are being brought to the one forum where they have no business being brought - the Human Rights Tribunal.

In this case, the only reason why this group is identifiable is because they are poor. That is not a group that is protected in the Charter. These people aren't being discriminated against on any fundamental level other than being harassed because they are causing a nuisance by parking or squatting where they are not wanted. To be quite simple about it, if the only way that "justice" could be served is by taking it to the Human Rights Tribunal in BC, then the case is already lost.

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