Friday, September 3, 2010

A Black Man Goes To Glenn Beck's Rally - HUMAN EVENTS

A Black Man Goes To Glenn Beck's Rally - HUMAN EVENTS

The message I took away is that we cannot continue to pick at the scab of America's past but must become the balm that heals it. That's the way forward—arm in arm, moving together, toward a better future.

Standing in a crowd that stretched from the Washington Monument to Lincoln Memorial what happened on 8/28 was the most inspirational thing I had ever experienced.

Standing there, unhyphenated and united, this black man has never felt more free in his life.

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  1. That rally was such incredible garbage. I think it's impossible to deny preaching a theocracy while preaching that people must embrace scriptures which are largely interpreted to preach exactly that.

    Beck is a wonderful performance artist and a quality entertainer. The problem is that people seem to think he's something more than that and the movement that has arisen in large part because of him is as frightening in many ways as it is incredibly invigorating in others.