Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Canadian experts reject MS trials

Canadian experts reject MS trials

"Given the lack of scientific basis, it is not scientifically advisable or ethically acceptable to conduct clinical trials at this time," Beaudet said. He added the decision to hold off on trials until more evidence was found was unanimous among everyone who took part in the meeting, including internationally recognized researchers and scientists of MS.

I may not be a genius, but I DO know one thing - the only way that there will be "more evidence" that the so-called "liberation treatment" for MS works is if clinical trials are actually performed.

Now, I'm sure that it makes all of these "researchers and scientists of MS" good to know that they are trying to protect those people from harm by their doctors, but what it comes down to is one thing:


Given this, doesn't it behoove these scientists to actually study the treatment being performed to great success and give all those ailing patients a really good reason why the treatment is universally harmful to them, not just dismiss it out of hand for fear that their research grants may dry up and they may have to admit a failure to recognize that MS isn't a disease, it's a condition.

Of course, I could be wrong here, but how do we find out until someone actually proves it? We give money for a treatment clinic where people actively do something that harms them... the least we could do is help people who did nothing to deserve their condition and want to try everything they can to be freed of it.

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