Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Don't Use Taxpayer's Money to Clean Up After Vandals

Don't Use Taxpayer's Money to Clean Up After Vandals

These kids’ parents are 100% financially and physically responsible for cleaning up what their kids have done. In more ways than one they have failed – clearly – and it is totally up to them to cover the costs and provide the labor to fix what their children have destroyed.

Apologies and healing circles – both of which have been promised – are important for the kids, but not enough for Myron Middleton and Camp Tamarack, in my opinion. But pumping my tax dollars into the cleanup is not an option. Get the parents in there and hold them accountable, until not a hint of their childrens’ handiwork remains. In this case, it’s that simple.

The only thing done right in this case was that the kids were made to apologize and help with the clean up efforts, although hopefully it was impressed on the little darlings that this was the effect of their vandalistic cause. It is well documented that punishment doesn't work if the sentence is separated from the crime by months. If the person can't connect the punishment to the crime, then it just hardens them to future punishment. As for the rest - I agree wholeheartedly with Tammy - it wasn't the government's responsibility to make the camp whole again. It isn't the government's responsibility to provide funding. It isn't the government's responsibility to put manpower into the clean up. It is the government's responsibility to find those responsible and bring them to justice.

I will give kudos to one thing though - this incident will do more for the camp's fund raising efforts than any event could have done.

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