Saturday, September 25, 2010

Maclean's accused of slandering Quebec

Maclean's accused of slandering Quebec

"Unfortunately, this attack is representative of a belief widely held in Canada that Quebec is racist, corrupt and always looking for a handout. It appears that the only group in Canada that can be singled out in this way, the only group that can be insulted, is Quebecers," Duceppe wrote

To be quite honest, Mr. Duceppe, Quebecers SHOULD be insulted, but not because the rest of Canada views your province in this way. No, Quebecers should be insulted because so many of your brethren have chosen to act this way and have brought the province into disrepute. The rest of Canada really can't help it if it has had reason after reason to think this way.

And while I'm on the subject, Mr. Duceppe, what does Quebec really care how it's viewed in the rest of Canada? After all, your party is the one that wants to take Quebec out of Canada, don't they? If that's really your goal then you should be happy that your province is viewed unfavourably in the rest of Canada... unless it's about the money. A province viewed unfavourably might be thrown off the gravy train before secessionville. Am I close to the reason for your outrage, Mr. Duceppe?

Honestly, I don't think Quebec is any more corrupt than any other province, however it sure seems like it is. Maybe, Mr. Duceppe, you show focus your outrage on fixing the problems in your province instead of complaining about it to the rest of Canada. Just a thought.

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