Sunday, November 28, 2010

What James Cameron Can’t Tell You about the Oil Sands

What James Cameron Can’t Won't Tell You about the Oil Sands

This is the best summary of the Oil Sands and the impact of work in the oil sands that I have ever seen. It may be geared towards showing the Oil Sands in a positive light, but given the amount of negative information out there, it's good that there's some positive fact based information on the Oil Sands available.

One of the things that strikes home to me is this statement by Mr. Cameron:

As one final example I will let Mr. Cameron’s own words to MSNBC hit the nail on the head. “[T]here’s an opportunity for all of North America to be weaned to some extent off of OPEC oil so that’s why it makes me very nervous… we need more science… we have the capacity for ecological disaster here on an unprecedented scale…”

The thing is that the Oil Sands IS an ecological "disaster" on an unprecedented scale. By their very definition, it is oil infused sand. It is a danger to wildlife and humans alike if left how it is. The clean up process, which just happens to take that oil-infused sand and process the oil out of it, is cleaning up the oil sands, and doing so in a way that is commercially viable without government support. Why WOULDN'T we support it?

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