Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eight-year terms assumed

Eight-year terms assumed

Re: Lingenfelter readies for vote (SP, Dec. 28). Rarely will a government in Saskatchewan be voted out after just one term. It happened once way back in the 1930s, but not since.

Brad Wall could run a brothel in legislature and still get re-elected, not because he's that popular but because in Saskatchewan you really have to be awful to get only one term.

The NDP already knows this and so does the Saskatchewan Party. The New Democrats left Wall's government a time bomb when they changed the Residential Tenancies Act in March 2007, just before they left office. They knew it would lead to mass homelessness and that it would cost the Saskatchewan Party thousands of votes to fix their trap.

The Saskatchewan Party government altered the Trade Union Act knowing that it would be able to count on millions of dollars in donations to help the party win a few more elections, and hoping that the province's 135,000 unionized voters will have calmed down by the 2015 election.

I believe both of these bills were passed in the knowledge that government terms in office unofficially are eight years in Saskatchewan. The real political test is not in 11 months; it's in four years and 11 months.

Tim Lalonde


Quoted in it's entirety here. With all due respect, I sincerely hope that the Sask Party and the Liberal Party of SK are successful enough to keep the NDP out of office for the next few decades. It's just good for all of us.

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