Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just a bunch of random shit

Ok first I gotta talk about the hard line I drew on morality in my last entry, usually I am a pretty reasonable guy but dishonesty just drives me nuts. I think that honesty prevents a lot of harm that is present in the world today, even if we all disagree about other things if we are honest with ourselves and others then all will be well. I think sometimes that the priorities of society are, well, a little off kilter, perhaps a little skewed. Most of the time we hear about infidelity(I probably sound like a broken record with this) and accept it as normal behavior with no moral or ethical impact. But then in the next breath there a people censoring a magazine cover because it has Elton John and his lover holding their baby. We seem to think being politically correct is a bunch of bullshit without realizing that many terms that are considered bad, are actually bad and use of them can actually hurt someone or that sometimes being politically correct is the same as being morally right. So many people listen to and quote the Dalai Lama without realizing the man is human and may be flawed and then they ignore wisdom because it comes out of the mouth of Bill O'Rielly (I may have spelled that wrong). We need to think about things not just accept or deny. But really think about what is true, analyze what is said and, in my opinion, stand up for what's right.

Next up is skepticism, which to me isn't the same as blatant nay saying of anything you don't already believe. It means that I require evidence before I will accept something as truth, no matter what anyone says this isn't a flaw. Hollywood, movies, television and many other media will try to tell you that faith is important or that sometimes you have to accept things despite evidence to the contrary and sometimes will even go so far as to imply that a person without faith or who requires evidence is a bad person(thank you Polar Express), this couldn't be farther from the truth. As you may have heard many times, person that will believe in something without proper evidence can be made to believe anything. This applies to almost everything, from claims of ghosts and goblins, to religion, to conspiracies(yes Joe, I am trying to read those books you recommended), to homeopathy, to even real some real medicine that may or may not be helping people. If evidence cannot be presented that something is a fact then one has to stick with the belief that said fact is in fact false until proven otherwise.

This entry is random shit so here is another random paragraph. I have claimed for a long time to be of an agnostic nature, I don't know the truth about many things and if something is unprovable then I generally proclaim it to be irrelevant or false(see the paragraph above). However, I think I crossed the line from agnostic to atheist for one reason. The question of the existence of god, however unprovable has already been answered in a false way, that is to say, so many people believe in a creator, an all powerful being, a god or what have you that the idea of it being irrelevant is something they simply cannot accept. They have been following this belief or others for so long and in many cases base a good portion of their life on the idea that their supreme being exists. Now, as I said before, I find questions that are unprovable to be either irrelevant or false. In this case I have changed my opinion from one of irrelevancy to one of falsity (wow that actually is a word). Coming at the question of god from this perspective doesn't just say that god is false it says that basing ones life around a false belief system is in itself false. Just what I was thinking this morning.

I don't think that corporations are the root of all evil or that they conduct themselves exclusively in an evil fashion. I think that most corporations(and the larger the more this applies) simply have no morals and do not care about what happens except in relation to the bottom line. If something impacts the bottom line in a negative way(bad press, bad economy, bad sales) then the corporation cares and reacts specifically to improve the situation to their bottom line regardless of the consequences to others, unless those consequences could potentially impact negatively on the bottom line. In general, large companies and corporations care about money and only money. This doesn't make them evil, just greedy and flawed. In fact, if consumers were more aware of what they were buying and who they were buying it for without relying on the media to tell them then I believe corporations would be more responsible because if they weren't then it would impact negatively on the flow of money. As things are right now, most people buy indiscriminately and so corporations aren't required to be moral or responsible all they have to do is provide crap for people to pay money for.

Information, I think there is almost too much information available. A person sees something on television and they assume it's true, despite hearing from only one source and hearing only one perspective, they look for information on it on the internet and find a bevy of websites proclaiming that it is true and only a couple that offer a different point of view. There is simply too much bullshit on the internet and in the world. I'm going to use something my brother found as an example. He watched a show on underground or underwater cities, supposedly built at a time when man was not evolved enough to conceive of building design, he believed it but was not wholly sure so he asked for help in researching these cities. One in particular was off the coast of Japan. I looked into it a little bit and all I could find was a bunch of crazies spouting about "Hollow Earth Theory" and one article from National Geographic that had one geologist on the "man made" side and one geologist on the "natural formations" side, the link to the pictures was broken and so the only real information available was 2 differing ideas on the formation of some underwater "city". There were hundreds if not thousands of "Hollow Earth" sites. For those of you who are curious "Hollow Earth Theory" is exactly the kind of nonsense it sounds like, apparently some people have watched or read "Journey to the center of the earth" one too many times. No the earth isn't hollow with an undiscovered world underneath it, sorry to disappoint. However it is possible that there were cities that once existed above ground and sank for one reason or another. I find it hard to imagine aliens in the situation as the show Anthony watched proclaimed but I cannot rule out the possibility of ancient cities simply because I don't know enough about it.

Justin Beiber is representative of all that is wrong with the world. Sixteen years old, overhyped, talentless but not so talentless that the masses aren't fooled into worshiping him, narcissistic, thinks he knows everything despite getting his high school education while touring, has a world of clueless idiots following his every move, and he has a movie even though he hasn't done anything worth making a movie about. Every time I see his face, hear his voice or am force to endure another commercial for his crappy goddamn movie it makes me angry and you wouldn't like to see me when I'm angry.

The idiot portion of American Idol is over now it's on to the part where the real shit starts. The people that made it through on the stuff that I saw are less talented than any other year and that's saying something.

That'll do for now, hope you enjoyed reading and have a nice day.

Sorry oxygentaxers, the post where I took a hard line on morality is only on my other blog Famineshouse.

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