Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SK NDP Pledges Rent Control

Four things, Dwain, that you might want to consider...

1) Apartments will become less maintained than currently if the landlord can't do anything to recover the costs of older buildings. See North Central Regina.
2) Companies won't build any new units because they can't get what they need to recover the capital costs over a reasonable period of time (Assuming a maximum rent).
3) Lease renewals will be a thing of the past. Lease companies will choose to evict tenants and reset the rent on the unit to the market level rather than renew a lease.
4) Companies will choose to convert their apartments to condos or sell single units on the open market rather than exist under rent controls.

When the maximum rent for a Social Housing family unit is approaching $800 per unit per month, isn't it reasonable that an individual landlord should be able to raise their rent to the same?

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