Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 9: First full platform comes out

Conservatives: Adult Fitness Tax Credit and double Child Fitness credit
Liberals: Full Platform released
NDP: No new announcements

Today, the Liberals released their full platform.  Among other things, the biggest impressions are that it's set to raise taxes on corporations, cap stock option benefits to $50,000, and oh yeah, institute a carbon tax/cap and trade hybrid that is set to raise $30 Billion per year from large emitters in order to punish them for their wicked ways and force them to become more environmentally efficient.  No specific plans are outlined as to what they are going to do with the money.
Cost: They say $8.2 Billion paid for by corporations.  They didn't account for job or investment losses.

The Conservatives began their second week by announcing more tax credits.  This time, it's an adult fitness tax credit modeled after the children's credit.  They also announced the doubling of the children's fitness credit.
Cost: Unspecified

The NDP took the day off from policy announcements.

From Day 1, there has been a distinct difference between the Liberals and the Conservatives - Liberals favouring more spending, Conservatives favouring tax credits and allowing taxpayers to keep more of their own money.  The Liberals may have played their hand too soon in releasing their full platform this early - all they have left to do is criticize the others and play defense now.  I guess we'll see how the other campaigns play out.

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