Wednesday, April 13, 2011

That's IT

The next time that someone mentions Stephen Harper and his "hidden agenda", here's what I want the Conservatives to do...

I want them to get a big leather bound book cover.  Black leather to be exact.  Make sure that it's leather - it'll piss off all the sustainable enviro-whacko-weenies.  I want them to have engraved or embossed on the cover in gold leaf "HIDDEN AGENDA".  I want Mr. Harper to stand in front of a gaggle of press gallery reporters, and I want him to start a speech on how he DOES in fact, have a hidden agenda.  I want him to pound on the pulpit and use that book cover to great effect as a prop.  Then after a sufficient build up, I want him to open up that book cover and reveal his hidden agenda...


Maybe THEN the people would get it... the Conservatives aren't going to push through an abortion law to make abortions illegal.  The Conservatives aren't going to make gay marriage illegal.  The Conservatives aren't going to suspend democracy or put soldiers in the streets.  The Conservatives aren't going to slash and burn the civil service (although they SHOULD).  The Conservatives won't do any of that.

Their hidden agenda is to provide good government through smaller government.  That's it.  Maybe THEN this issue would be put to rest.


  1. So the whole attempted theft of ballots...that was in their platform where again? I must have over looked it.

  2. What theft of ballots? OHHHHH the ballots from the unsanctioned-by-Elections-Canada poll on the University of Guelph campus where the Conservatives had legitimate concerns about not being given notice to appoint a scrutineer and about partisan literature within the polling station?

    THOSE ballots?

    Personally, Zach, I don't see why that particular returning officer felt the need to enfranchise those electors in that way, however it's pretty telling that Elections Canada stopped it as soon as they found out and notified all other returning officers not to do something similar.

    I would also point out that when something similar happened in 2006, the event was shut down before any ballots were cast, but the campus had 3 polling stations on election day.