Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NDP announces cost-savings calculator

NDP announces cost-savings calculator

As I suspected... when I used the NDP's calculator, their platform has absolutely nothing for me.

In fact, not only am I one of the evil people that needs to pay for their promises, their platform promises to discourage business, which hurts my business.

It also has a fatal flaw in it in that it assumes that if you own your own home, you're looking to purchase another one in the next 4 years.

Thanks for nothing Link.

Update: After the calculator actually worked yesterday afternoon, it told me (after checking off the box that I do indeed pay utilities) that I will save $540 from the NDP platform.

SO.  Let's do the math - average household is 2.5 persons.  Population is north of 1.06 million.  That comes to roughly 424,000 households.  Each household saving $540 (I assume it's the default so that everyone can feel good that yes, even the NDP will benefit you) means a cost to the provincial treasury would be a further 229 million (not included in their platform).

Now here's the rub... Not only has the NDP not mentioned these savings in their platform, other than a throwaway line about maintaining the lowest cost utilities bundle in the country, is that they have committed to increase renewable energy generation by 400 Megawatts within the next 4 years.  The costs of renewable energy generation is at minimum 50% higher than the highest cost conventional generation - Natural gas.

Again, sorry Dwain, I don't buy it.  Thanks for nothing.

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