Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tea leaves from Saskatchewan

Tea leaves from Saskatchewan

Moreover, now that the Obama phenomenon has passed through America's system, there is no charismatic alternative in sight, capable of leading any electorate on another tax-borrow-and-spend bender.

(Which means, watch out for charisma on the Right. My own paradoxical fear at the moment is the emergence of politicians who can articulate a neo-fascist agenda, inviting people to turn to government for centralized discipline and regulatory order, by scapegoating "the moneylenders" and other easily demonized targets, plus picking on minorities; thus preying on the same insecurities and envies the Left preyed upon to extend the Nanny State.)

I'm not sure... perhaps someone can help here... Is it Mr. Warren who has somehow described Mr. Obama while projecting those qualities to someone on the right, or is it his editor. I wouldn't think that a writer worth his salt would put a whole parenthetical thought into an article, but then again, I don't have much experience reading Mr. Warren either.

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