Friday, February 3, 2012

Mining company Vale receives Public Eye Award

Mining company Vale receives Public Eye Award

It's got to be said... if this:

According to the Public Eye Award, Vale's number one offence is over a planned dam in the Amazon that could force roughly 40, 000 locals from their homes.
is the reason why Vale won this award, then I would say that it's award is well earned. As it is though, the NGOs just have to stick this in as part of the shame:

The award also mentions a prolonged strike in Sudbury, Ontario.
Let's be serious here... as I've previously blogged, there's more to the Sudbury strike than just a company trying to brutalize it's workers. The facility in Sudbury doesn't make money at the current wage structure. The company thinks that it's unfair that other facilities should subsidize the operations of this one facility merely because the workers think it should happen. I question how those union workers could sleep, knowing that they are the ones forcing the company to "exploit" workers in a poorer part of the world just so that they can be paid a wage to high to sustain the operations of their facility.

While it sounds like Vale is into some interesting stuff based on the award's press release, I would also point out that RBC won this award 2 years ago for no other reason than investing in the Oil Sands, and KPMG, an ACCOUNTING FIRM, won the award in 2005 for no other reason than they were helping their clients legally minimize their tax burden. I'm going to repeat that... they were helping their clients minimize their tax burden by following the rules.

Wear it with pride Vale. This award is as misguided as the Fossil of the Day awards that Canada always seem to collect from CAN, and just as legitimate (being not at all).

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