Monday, May 14, 2012

Film industry supporters rally outside Saskatchewan Legislature

Film industry supporters rally outside Saskatchewan Legislature

Dear Film Industry supporters:

If the credit was actually doing what it was supposed to be doing, why has the volume of business done dropped 66% since Corner Gas left town?

To Kim Coates, with all due respect, if you really believed what you were saying, why haven't you pushed your Hollywood brethren to produce more films in the province?  Why, when you are a producer on a film, have you not pushed to use Saskatchewan as a location?

And to Mr. Cuthand, I don't know of a single person in the film "industry" in Saskatchewan that can do it as a full time job.  Perhaps you can point us to someone?  It's a $25 million industry - if there were truly people doing it full-time as a career, there are precious few of them.

The fact is that an industry that can not survive without government grants isn't an industry at all, and it most certainly isn't in "partnership" with the government to produce their product.  With the rest of Saskatchewan's industries in boom this one is one of the few that is in decline when it should also be booming.  Where's the sense in that?

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