Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Inmates launch hunger strike at P.A. correctional facility

Inmates launch hunger strike at P.A. correctional facility

I have one thing to say about this:

Alcatraz Regulation #5:

"You are entitled to food, clothing, shelter and medical attention.  Anything else you get is a privilege."

They could be worse off than merely being forced to stay in their cell most of the day.


  1. I do not believe prisoners,or "inmates" as they are called now in PC terms,should be locked down most of the time.

    I believe they,whether in remand or serving their sentence,should be outside,working hard on civic projects.

    There is no need to make conditions such as on the old Southern U.S. "chain gangs", but nonetheless they should be forced to do a day's work.

    I worked with "inmates" on forestry projects for many years,and the biggest problem most of them had was plain laziness,total lack of a work ethic.

    Most of the people I worked with were petty criminals,drug dealers, chop shop operators,petty thieves,and break-and-enter artists.

    The hardest thing to do was to just get them the hell out of bed in the morning to go to work! And once on the job, they usually produced less than half the effort and production of private contractors on similar projects.

    So,now they have gone on a hunger strike in P.A.,because some of their "freedoms" were taken away! Un-f***ing believable!

    The reason they are in jail in the first place is because they violated someone else's freedoms!

    We as a society MUST get out of this hug-a-thug mode,and start to make criminals realise that their lifestyle is NOT a pleasant alternative to hard work.

    And if we don't, we will continue to create more career criminals who will opt for that lifestyle.

    As for the poor dears in P.A., let 'em go hungry.

    1. I think we should turn them out and put our seniors in jail.
      They would have comfortable quarters, regular nutritious meals.
      Access to a real doctor 24/7.
      Perhaps a penal colony on Ellesmere Island???
      Just sayin' there is no way we should be spending 50 to a hundred thousand a year of criminals and expecting our seniors to get by on a pittance.
      Cheers Bubba