Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend roundup

I didn't post over the weekend for various reasons.  I was away from home.  I had commitments to make, in short, I had life.  Turns out that I didn't need to post, because the announcement on Friday made me okay "Oop, there it is.  THERE is the NDP everyone knows and most hate".

The NDP promised rent control on Friday.  Then they promised a Tuition freeze for post-secondary students and more money for more training spaces.  Then they promised more money for all seniors except those that are in subsidized housing.  Today, they promised 10000 subsidized day care spaces, capping fees.

The Saskatchewan Party countered by... uhhhh.... adding to the subsidy for seniors in personal care homes, adding to the allowance for disabled persons and extending that allowance to those living on their own.  Today they announced a plan to forgive student loans for doctors and nurse practitioners who live and work in rural and northern communities.

The whole campaign is shaping up to be a campaign of big spender vs "I'm not going to buy your votes".  If you believe the Sask Party, the NDP has racked up $2.4 Billion in new spending.  I guess we'll have to wait and see what their costed platform looks like, but one thing I do know... the NDP can't continue to make these big announcements - at some point, even the average person won't believe that royalties will cover off all that spending.

The other question to ask the NDP is what they're going to do when the royalties dry up.  It should come as no surprise that prices rise and fall, and at some point, there will be a shortfall.  Will they retract all those promises, or will they just spend us into oblivion?  I guess it remains to be seen.

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