Monday, October 10, 2011

Will Conservatives make liberal cuts to the CBC?

Will Conservatives make liberal cuts to the CBC?

CBC by the numbers

- $1.16 billion — Federal funding for 2010/2011

- $650 million — Advertising and other revenues

- 64 % — Percentage of CBC revenues from taxpayers

- 7,285 — Full-time employees, CBC and Radio-Canada

- "At least 5%" and "at least 10 %" — two budget cut scenarios being prepared by CBC

- 7.5 million — Number of unique visitors, per month, to CBC and Radio-Canada websites

- 1 million — CBC audio podcasts downloaded per month

- 82 % — proportion of Canadian content on CBC and Radio-Canada prime-time schedule

- 9.3 % — CBC prime-time audience share, English Canada

- 20 % — Radio-Canada prime-time audience share, French Canada

- 75 — number of years, in 2011, since the creation of the CBC in 1936

- 14.7 % — CBC radio audience share (Radio 1 plus Radio 2)

- 19.5 % — Radio-Canada radio audience share (Premiere Chaine plus Espace musique)

Source: CBC

My only question when seeing these CBC provided stats, is why aren't they showing 100% Canadian Content on a government funded broadcaster?

Why is the Canadian public paying over $1 billion for a broadcaster that doesn't solely show Canadian Content?


  1. I'd like to have the "Books" at CBC thoroughly auditted by an outside firm. I don't trust their figures,and wonder how much of their alleged advertising revenue is from other taxpayer-funded sources.

    Have you noticed that on some CBC programs,most of the ads are for other CBC programs? Does CBC then invoice and pay itself for the ads,the money going from one department to another in the same organization?

    It wouldn't surprise me one bit,government supported agencies are infamous for bookkeeping sleight-of-hand.

    I don't trust the book keepers at CBC to report honestly on the corporation's source of income,as they'd do anything to make the situation look a little better.

  2. Generally accepted accounting principles don't allow that to happen, but I agree - they need to open up their books to scrutiny.

  3. If CBC was forced to get efficient like the private broadcasters then it could easily run on a budget that was 30% smaller. If the books ever do get opened up one day the public will see why top managers and the budget needs to be cut. Perhaps Moore has finally seen this.