Friday, July 24, 2009

Say hellooooooo to privatization...

Now, regardless of how you feel about unions, there are some situations when what you're doing is counter-productive.

This is one of them.


“We wanted to conclude negotiations last March, but the city refused to budge from its concessionary demands,” he said.

is where the union is blaming the management negotiators for not caving in last March and saving the union from making concessions in "the worst economic collapse since the great depression" (not their words, compiled from all the fear-mongering in March).

And this:

Asked what he meant by “we are finished,” Mr. Ferguson said his union would stop negotiating and stay on strike until the city presents a deal the union finds fair.

is where they pick up their ball and leave the court until the city of Toronto management comes to them, cap in hand, apologizes for playing to win, and offers to buy ice cream.

And you know what? They will. That's the sad part. And life will go on for the 416, even if an arbitrator SHOULD have been appointed and used.

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