Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just a note for all university students

Not just their leaders:

It doesn't matter how "high" you think your tuition is as long as you stay in Saskatchewan after graduation.

If you graduate from U of R or U of S and you continue to live in the province for 7 years after you graduate, then you will receive a rebate on your tuition to a lifetime maximum of $20,000.  This is a refundable rebate which means that you get it as long as you stay in the province, regardless of if you pay provincial income tax.

Currently, tuition costs about $2700/semester x 8 semesters = 21,600 of actual tuition costs.  That means if you graduate and stay in Saskatchewan for 7 years, you will have effectively paid $1600 for your 4 year degree.

Now seriously.  Tell me again how your tuition fees are too high?  Explain to me why I should subsidize your education if you plan is not to stay in the province after graduation?  Enlighten me as to why your university experience should be any different than mine and countless others has been who did NOT get this advantage?


  1. Excellent questions.

    Why do so many people believe that a university education should be virtually free? If it has value, pay for it. If it does not, then don't.

    Capitalism is oh so simple.

    On a related note, why do so many university students live alone in apartments here? When I was in school, we always had at least one roommate if not more. In fact, as a grad student, I slept in a bunk bed for awhile which kept my rent very, very low.

  2. I don't mind subsidizing your education as long as I'm getting benefit in some way. Getting benefit could be as simple as staying and sharing the tax burden for all our social programs that we can't get rid of. What I didn't also include in the equation is the generous education credit system which gives the student $35,000 worth of non-refundable credits which saves the student an additional 9000 in tax (give or take a few dollars). Net result? Not only is Saskatchewan giving a free education, we're PAYING kids to go to school.