Monday, March 28, 2011

No one believes Iggy on coalition issue: Poll

No one believes Iggy on coalition issue: Poll | Decision 2011 | News | Edmonton Sun

Not really a surprise here, although if only 2/3rds of Liberal voters support a coalition - one that would bring the Liberals back to power after 5 years, then that could work out to be good news for the Conservatives later in the campaign. As it sits right now, even though the Coalition is going to be a major campaign theme, I would appreciate Mr. Harper and company actually releasing policy and winning people over with good ideas.

Of course, that's just my thought.

In any case, there was something else that came out of this poll that I had to comment on:

Moreover, the coalition idea is much more popular in Quebec than it is in the rest of Canada.

"There is only region of Canada where we get majority approval for coalition, in Quebec and that's at 52%. All other regions are in the high 20s and the mid-30s," said Bourque.

My comment? OF COURSE QUEBEC FAVOURS A COALITION. THEY'RE THE ONES THAT KEEP VOTING FOR A PARTY THAT HAS NO CHANCE TO SIT ON THE GOVERNMENT SIDE. Not only that, of course they want to be in a coalition - every single decision is an opportunity to exhort more money and benefits for Quebec to the detriment of the rest of Canada. I would also point out that all other regions are unsupportive of a coalition primarily because the Conservatives hold most of the seats outside of Toronto, Vancouver and Quebec.

Again, all this poll really shows is that Mr. Harper should move along to promote policy along with the Coalition talk.

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