Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why judges should be forced to live with their decisions - directly

Mr. Saini was a 21-year-old member of the militant All India Sikh Student Federation when he led a team of hijackers that seized an Air India flight with 264 passengers and crew on board.

The hijackers forced the plane to land in Pakistan and demanded the release of Sikh militants, asylum and $23-million. They threatened to kill their hostages but surrendered after 20 hours. Two passengers and a crew member were injured.

A Pakistani court sentenced Mr. Saini to life but he was released after serving 10 years. He fled to Canada, claiming to be an Afghan named "Balbir Singh," but when Canadian authorities discovered his real identity, they ordered him to leave the country.

While he fought his deportation through the courts, Mr. Saini obtained a law degree from the University of Windsor. In January, the Law Society of Upper Canada ruled him ineligible to practice law because he was not of good character.

Now here's the money quote:

"This is just harassment," said Tejinder Singh, Mr. Saini's brother and a Mississauga immigration consultant. "This is what they do with the Sikhs over there."

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