Friday, July 2, 2010

And The Crowd Says, Boycott BP!

And The Crowd Says, Boycott BP!

A great commentary telling you why the BP oil spill is everyone's fault, not just Obama's or Bush's or BP's.

Money quote:

Most of us would complain if we saw even the slightest hike in gas or food prices due to an increase in cost to BP or ExxonMobil or Shell because of more money spent on safety procedures.

Most of us would bemoan any significant increase in the tax on gasoline, even if the proceeds went directly to the creation of alternative forms of energy.

He has a point, although I'm not sure that we need MORE laws, I think that the existing ones need to be clarified and enforced.

Update: I have an idea - let's boycott Citgo for this spill. Citgo being the US subsidiary of the Venezuelan company PDVSA.

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