Saturday, July 24, 2010

Levy frustrates out-of-province campers

Levy frustrates out-of-province campers

That's when the Pollards learned they'd have to cough up an extra $4. When he asked why, she told him: "Well, the people of Saskatchewan pay taxes, some of which is applied to operate the campgrounds, and they feel that others who don't pay these taxes should pay their fair share."

Just a note this morning for the Saskatchewan Party government...

Make the camping and park fees on all of your provincial parks self-sustaining and drop the idea that because Saskatchewan residents subsidize the parks and as such shouldn't pay as much as others.

That isn't a way to ensure that outsiders feel welcome and WANT to come to Saskatchewan to spend their money, and honestly why should the provincial parks be subsidized? They charge fees. Fees for usage. Fees for services. Fees for rentals. If you can't find a way to make the parks self-sustaining with all of the fees at their disposal, then fire staff, increase your fees for all people, or allow more development in the parks. Charging fees based place of origin is just another barrier to trade between provinces and hurts us more than they help.

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