Monday, July 19, 2010

Tories agree to explain decision to scrap long-form census

Tories agree to explain decision to scrap long-form census

Municipalities, researchers, statisticians and a broad range of community and academic associations have publicly panned the government’s decision, saying a voluntary questionnaire is less likely to be completed by groups such as immigrants, people whose first language is neither English nor French, and those with low income or education, producing a skewed demographic portrait and undermining the country’s statistical information.

Moreso than say... forcing people to answer a 40 page survey in which you can't verify whether the information is correct?

When it comes down to it, if they information is that useful to all of these groups, I would suggest that they should pay to have the data collected themselves - in which case, they would still have to garner voluntary participation. Realistically though, that beats threatening people with jail time if they don't comply.

Perhaps the Conservatives can have a "mandatory" survey, but refuse to punish anyone refusing to comply? Would THAT make these groups happy?

The more information the government collects at gunpoint, the more meddling they can do in your life.

By the way, Mr. Garneau's email address is here. Let him know what you think.

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