Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rage Against the Machine Rages Against Anglo-Centric Police State’ in Arizona

Rage Against the Machine Rages Against ‘Anglo-Centric Police State’ in Arizona

Yes, yet another story about millionaire "artists" complaining about something the more right wing people are doing, but with a twist.

The band is called "Rage against the Machine". Presumably this would mean that they would rage against something that the establishment are doing. Unfortunately, they really should have stayed quiet in this case.

Why, you might ask? Because while the FEDERAL "machine" is ignoring and choosing not to enforce its own law, the STATE "machine" is doing the exact opposite in accord with its rights.

Now personally, I could care less what Rage thinks about immigration - I've listened to one of their albums repeatedly and that's about it. It would seem to me though that the band isn't raging about everything the "establishment" does, nor should it. No, the band should really only be raging against the stupid and unnecessary things that the establishment does, and in this case, passing a law which is then not going to be enforced would be the epitome.

Unfortunately, these idiots are choosing to go another way, railing against everything indiscriminately. Tell me how it works out for ya boys.

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